America Speaks – Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, and Legalizing Marijuana

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The mid-term election was full of hot topics including a ban on abortion, same sex marriages, and legalizing marijuana. Americans have spoken and their views on these hot issue topics were tallied throughout Tuesday night.
Voters in South Dakota disapproved of a ban on abortion, one of hottest measures on the ballot this election. The measure would have banned all types of abortion, including those due to rape or incest, except when the mother’s life is in danger.

A huge loss for some conservatives, they were hoping to take the case back to the Supreme Court and readdress Roe v. Wade. The measure on the ballot was easily passed by legislative in South Dakota, however, voters rejected the ban by 56%, sending a clear message to the Conservative Party.

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Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, believes this is a clear message to other lawmakers across America that the citizen’s decision on Roe v. Wade will not change.

Other hot issues on the ballot this election included a ban on same sex marriage. In seven of the eight states, the measure to ban same sex marriage passed. In Arizona they are still tallying the votes, but it appears the measure to ban same sex marriage will pass. Many conservatives used the issue of same sex marriage to have a bigger turn out for their party. Some believe this will effect the decision of the recent ruling in New Jersey on same sex marriages.

The issue to allow citizens to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana, bought in Government regulated pot shops was not passed in Nevada or Colorado. The measure had surprise supporters, including a reverend from a local church in Nevada, however, voters felt marijuana is a gateway drug and legalizing it would not help fight the war on drugs.

The decisions on such hot issues such as same sex marriages and legalizing marijuana could be issues considered in other states in the upcoming Presidential election in 2008.


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