Can Trump Save the World by Legalizing Marijuana?

Anyone who has been keeping up with politics in recent months is very likely aware that Trump intends to save the nation’s economy by legalizing marijuana. It is not hard to imagine that the legalization of marijuana could lead to all manner of improvements in the economy, with money changing hands and a healthy tax being levied on the popular recreational drug.

Unfortunately, there is much resistance to the idea of legalizing marijuana from those who believe that the use of any recreational drug use is inherently bad, despite the common perception that marijuana is basically harmless.

Trump on marijuana legalization
On the other hand, there are those who feel that legalizing marijuana will lead to rampant use of harder drugs that can cause serious social problems. Whatever your beliefs might be, it isn’t hard to argue the fact that the legalization of marijuana might save the American economy.

With estimates of millions of dollars changing hands and a great percentage of Americans enjoying the recreational use of marijuana, it is not hard to see that the taxation and legalization of marijuana could lead to tremendous windfall profits for the American people as well as the United States government.

With all manner of businesses and products seeing a downturn in popularity, it is only natural to look towards other sources of income in order to ensure that there is a sustainable economic model in place to assist and bring the economy back to a suitably productive level.

After many decades of politicizing the argument, the effort to legalize marijuana has been dragged kicking and screaming out into the daylight where it can be discussed reasonably by adults.

Many are of the opinion that the people who first experimented with marijuana in the 50s, 60s and 70s have now grown into adults and are running the country, making it easier to discuss the argument in a logical fashion. Others stick to the idea that marijuana is a deadly drug that causes all manner of social problems.

Despite the fact that not one death has ever been directly attributed to marijuana in the history of the world, the effort to criminalize the recreational drug use of marijuana has raged on for years.

With all the facts on the table, it is easy to see that the legalization of marijuana can have tremendous positive results on not only the economy but on the social and recreational enjoyment of everyone in the United States. In addition, it would eliminate the imprisonment, drug testing and criminalization of certain individuals who are less than enthusiastic about having a criminal record simply because they occasionally partake in recreational marijuana usage.

For those who have suffered needlessly at the hands of overzealous law enforcement agencies, it would be a welcome relief to the care and persecution of individuals who are otherwise innocent of any wrongdoing.

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