How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test

how to pass a mouth swab test

Passing a saliva drug test is relatively easy, In my previous article, I mentioned how to pass a hair drug test (which in my opinion is the hardest to pass) in this article I will talk a bit about saliva drug testing. It’s not as common as urine testing, but it’s getting more and more popular for a serveral reasons.

  • It’s fast, anyone can administer the test, the results are ready within a few minutes
  • It’s less invasive than doing urine testing
  • It’s cheaper then urine testing, no need to send the sample to the lab, a very simple swab test kit will give you 99,9% accurate results within a few minutes.

Where Is Saliva Drug Testing In Use

There is a high chance of getting tested if you live outside of the US. Roadside Saliva drug testing is getting more and more popular in Australia and in the UK. It works the same way as alcohol testing, if you are supicious the police will pull you over, ask you to open your mouth, take a swab test. Like I said the results are almost instant, and I am sure you aware of the consiquences if the test is positive.

It’s important to learn how to pass a mouth swab test if you work as a driver or if you work in a warehouse. Employers recently love to do on the spot testing. It’s very fast and easy, if you are suspicious or if you cause an accident you can be tested within a couple of minutes, no preparating needed. Now you know why a saliva drug test is danderous, even if drug metabolites don’t stay in saliva too long, the test is so quick that you don’t really have time to prepare for a random swab drug test.

How To Pass a Saliva Drug Test

There are many ways to pass a saliva test, some says the best way is to use some kind of mouth washes, some says Listerine is more than enough and there are other that says washing your gum a couple of time right before the test is enough to clear toxins out of your saliva.

I personally recommend Oral Clear Saliva neutralzing gum, I have used it once and it worked like charm. It’s small so you can hide it in your pocket without any problem, after you start chewing it within 30-40 seconds your saliva will be clear of toxins for up to 30 mnutes. Chew it for a minute or two just to be sure, then swallow it. The only downside is it’s price, one piece of gum costs 90$.

There are some special mouth washes such as: Toxin wash, it also works very well, I have posted about this detox produt on my FB earlier, I got this message from one of my reader:

I passed my test, I cannot believe it. I am so excited guys! I gots me a job!!! I smoke weed and I go to the pain clinic. Although I take both drugs legally I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business as long as I’m not doing it on the job. I’m really happy. I took the mouthwash. I know a lot of people complain about the taste but I didn’t think it was that bad. To me I’ve taken energy drinks that tasted worse. I didn’t smoke for 48 hours. I frequently brushed and flossed. I mouthwash with peroxide and Listerine. Right before going in for my drug test I brushed flossed mouthwash with Listerine then peroxide, after that, I took sips of the Stinger mouthwash and switched it around my mouth for a minute and repeated until the bottle was done. I didn’t drink or eat anything or anything else in my mouth until after I was done with my drug test which I did within 30 minutes after finishing the bottle.

So as you can see both method works, choose what suites you do best, but I highly recommend you to wash your teeth and gum minimum 3 times before the test and stop smoking, if you do every steps properly, you will pass your saliva drug test easily!

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Pro tools 12 download with crack – What Are The options?

Pro tools 12 download

If you are a professional DJ, then you understand that the tools and equipments that you bring with you are the difference between being a huge success and being just another guy.

This can make a huge difference, and Avid pro tools 12 is a great example of how a DJ goes from being good to book for every night.

For those who can not afford to buy the software, we provide free Avid Pro tools 12 download links for the full software  or you can get a working Pro Tools 12 crack only without downloading the full software.

What Is Avid pro Tools 12

Pro tools 12 download is the perfect program for any DJ. In fact, it is the most widely recommended by those who work in the field, and with good reason. For those who have bought this program before or who have tried a trial version they know that this is a truly amazing program that can make you a star.

The recent upgrades to the Pro tools 12 have made it leaps and bounds above the rest. One of the things that people really love about it is how easy it is to use. While it is perfect for professional DJs, you do not have to be one to really get a lot of using this.

Some just like to tinker around with tracks or to host their own little gala where they get the party started. The Pro tools 12 allows you to do just that.

This program has incredible effects that you will most assuredly love. It is not just the types of effects, but the sheer number that is available. There are your traditional flangers and echos, but many other ones that you will really like.

Pro tools 12 crack

The beatgrid, slicer, and loop-roll effects are spectacular and you will find that there is so much to do that you will find it hard to put the program away. It seriously is just too much find.

It may seem that with all of these effects, sounds, and other gadgets that this would be a hard program to use, but this what makes the Pro tools 12 so special. The interfaces to the program are absolutely amazing, and they are designed to make navigating your way through the program as easy as it gets.

It would make no sense to offer all of these great features and then make it hard to locate them to use. The Pro tools 12 ensures that this is not an issue. The program is designed very intelligently, making file location a snap.

This ensures that you can keep your flow going, not having to interrupt it to try to locate some effect. You can easily find tracks, songs, effects, instruments, and much more using the incredibly user-friendly browser interface. The program even learns from your patterns and updates the interface to match your patterns.

One additional feature of the Pro tools 12 that has many in the industry raving is that it is a very simple plug-and-play system to use.

This allows you to use the kind of board or other controller that you want and still be able to use the software package. Now you are not limited and have to look for other equipment. The Pro tools 12 is built to handle your needs.

A Solution For Pro Tools 12 Download With ilok Crack

There is no doubt that the Pro tools 12 is absolutely spectacular. This program is a DJs best dream because it can do so much. It can really make you a top jock in your area.

The problem is that it can also be quite costly to get. The very best often means you have to pay a big price to get it, especially when you want all the plugins and other features that go with it. This can run in the thousands of dollars and can often price a lot of people out of the market.

You don’t need to be shut down however. You can still have this amazing program and have the full functionality of it by using a Pro tools 12 crack or the free Pro tools 12 download links. This is the ticket for you.

Pro tools 12 ilok crack

For those who do not know, a crack is a program that bypasses the normal security and licensing features of the software application, giving you complete access to the entire program. This will often mean that plugins and other additives will also have full functionality as well.

This sounds like a great deal, and many people will try to sell you on the idea that they have the perfect Pro tools 12 crack for you. Often they are wrong.

This is a warning to you about using these cracks. You want to make sure you are getting this from a site you can trust. Many sites offer keygens and cracks to get you into software packages, but they do not work. Some also offer Avid Pro Tools 12 download links, but I would say 99% of them are scam.

You simply download their program and you are back where you started – locked out of the Pro tools 12.

If you are looking for a legit version of Avid Pro Tools 12 with working crack, then check out :


Why do they do this if the program is not going to work? Because it is often the case that embedded inside that download is a whole set of other applications that are also being installed onto your computer.

Often these are just additional software packages they want you to try, and you will have to delete them at some point. This is an inconvenience, but not a major issue.

However, there are many that embed spyware or viruses into the download. This can be a serious issue. When you install the crack you wind up getting a whole lot of other stuff on your computer.

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Can Trump Save the World by Legalizing Marijuana?

Anyone who has been keeping up with politics in recent months is very likely aware that Trump intends to save the nation’s economy by legalizing marijuana. It is not hard to imagine that the legalization of marijuana could lead to all manner of improvements in the economy, with money changing hands and a healthy tax being levied on the popular recreational drug.

Unfortunately, there is much resistance to the idea of legalizing marijuana from those who believe that the use of any recreational drug use is inherently bad, despite the common perception that marijuana is basically harmless.

Trump on marijuana legalization
On the other hand, there are those who feel that legalizing marijuana will lead to rampant use of harder drugs that can cause serious social problems. Whatever your beliefs might be, it isn’t hard to argue the fact that the legalization of marijuana might save the American economy.

With estimates of millions of dollars changing hands and a great percentage of Americans enjoying the recreational use of marijuana, it is not hard to see that the taxation and legalization of marijuana could lead to tremendous windfall profits for the American people as well as the United States government.

With all manner of businesses and products seeing a downturn in popularity, it is only natural to look towards other sources of income in order to ensure that there is a sustainable economic model in place to assist and bring the economy back to a suitably productive level.

After many decades of politicizing the argument, the effort to legalize marijuana has been dragged kicking and screaming out into the daylight where it can be discussed reasonably by adults.

Many are of the opinion that the people who first experimented with marijuana in the 50s, 60s and 70s have now grown into adults and are running the country, making it easier to discuss the argument in a logical fashion. Others stick to the idea that marijuana is a deadly drug that causes all manner of social problems.

Despite the fact that not one death has ever been directly attributed to marijuana in the history of the world, the effort to criminalize the recreational drug use of marijuana has raged on for years.

With all the facts on the table, it is easy to see that the legalization of marijuana can have tremendous positive results on not only the economy but on the social and recreational enjoyment of everyone in the United States. In addition, it would eliminate the imprisonment, drug testing and criminalization of certain individuals who are less than enthusiastic about having a criminal record simply because they occasionally partake in recreational marijuana usage.

For those who have suffered needlessly at the hands of overzealous law enforcement agencies, it would be a welcome relief to the care and persecution of individuals who are otherwise innocent of any wrongdoing.

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How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test For Coke

There are a couple of drug testing methods what are used nowadays, the most popular is urine drug test. Urine tests are widely used because they are accurate and relatively cheap. Swab test usually used for on the spot drug testing, at work place accidents, stuff like that.

Blood testing is also in used, but toxins leaves blood realtively fast, thats why this method is not so popular and relible, there are some wierd ways, such as finger nail drug testing which also not so common, and recently there are more and more hair follicle drug tests.

How to pass a hair follicle druh test for cocaine,THC, amphetamines, opiates and other stuff? Well, there are a couple of ways, but because hair follicles keep drug metabolites for up to 90 days, its really hard to get rid of them. Passing a hair drug test is the hardest drug test to pass! You can learn more on this blog on how to pass a hair follicle test for coke.

How to pass a hair follicle test for coke

There are a couple of ways to pass a hair follicle drug test, the most popular and probably the most effective one called the Macujo method. I was in the same situation like you now, I had an upcoming drug test and I kept asking the same question, how to pass a hair follicle test for coke and THC.

So I have found a youtube video, the guy who make these „how to pass a drug test videos” called Michael Boron. In one of his video he mention he macujo method, how to do it step by step and how does his girlfriend pass her hair follicle drug test for coke.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test For Coke

I saw this comment on the youtube video:

„Has anyone ever tried to just superglue another person’s hair to their scalp? I’ve heard they will pull the follicle out but I had a test once before where I did the macujo method and failed me. They only used scissors to trim / cut my hair from the scalp and placed it in a foil.

I failed. Weed is the only thing that is closest to impossible to get out of your fat cells and hair. Anything else is easy peezy.

However I was thinking who has tried to just use another person’s hair? Just make a whole wig on your head or at the collic and then once dry I figured to use my shaver and make everything even and then go do the test.

If you are given an offer letter and have to take the test right then and there you don’t any any time for the Macujo process even if you are given 72 hours. Soo who has tried to just put someone else’s hair on their own head before?

Macujo method to pass a hair follicle drug test

I am not sure about THC, but as far as I know getting cocaine out of your hair is the same process as detoxing from THC or any other drug.

When you do the macujo method, its really important to wash your hair and SCALP at least 8-10 times, the more the better. Cocaine, THC and other drugs stays in your hair follicle for up to 3 months, so you need to do this cleansing process a carefully.

Its also very important to use the right ingredients, Aloe Rid detox shampoo is the main component of the macujo method, I know its expensive, but you can not cut corners here. If you want to pass a hair drug test, you will need to invest time and money as well.

There is another option for hair detox, and its called the Jerry G method, Honestly I wouldn’t recomend it because its not safe, nor shaving is safe, so keep this in mind. If you try to shave all of your hair, they will fail you immediately or tell you to come back a few days later with some hair on your body. If you want to pass a hair drug test for cocaine, then the Macujo method is the way to go.

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Medical Marijuana Use in Colorado is on the Rise

In the state of Missouri, many local communities are taking a stance on the use of illegal drugs while the Missouri Legislature seems to be dragging their feet. The town of Washington, Missouri, for example, recently passed ordinances to restrict the sale of cold medication that is used to make the worst of all the illegal drugs: meth. And several towns in the state have passed resolutions to legalize the least harmful of the illegal drugs: marijuana.

Many states have made medical marijuana legal as long as it is prescribed by a medical doctor. Marijuana is useful in treating glaucoma, relieving chronic pain, and helping control the appetite loss and nausea that is associated wit chemotherapy. Talk show host Montelle Williams has stated that it is of great benefit in relieving the pain associated with his Multiple Sclerosis.

One of the states where medical marijuana is legal is Colorado. Right now they are experiencing a boom in marijuana use because of it. More than 9,000 people are on the rolls as registered users of medical marijuana in the state. That’s up 2,000 people in the last month.

colorado medical marijuana

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, critics of the system say that it is open to abuse and cite the growing number of young people who are on the rolls. They say either these young people are suddenly coming down with a lot of diseases or they are using the system to get dope. What happens in Colorado may have a direct effect on efforts to legalize medical marijuana in states like Missouri and Illinois, where it is being considered.

Like Missouri, efforts at the state level to limit use have been not been successful mainly because the businesses that supply the marijuana would go out of business if they were severely restricted. But also like Missouri, many of the towns in Colorado are passing laws of their own that have the same effect. Several towns have made it illegal to sell near a school, for example.

But it may just be a matter of time before federal enforcers step in anyway. One thing that you have to remember is that possession of any kind of marijuana is illegal under federal law and that it not likely to change anytime soon. The late Hunter S, Thompson, a former resident of Colorado, would be turning I his grave.

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America Speaks – Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, and Legalizing Marijuana

weed farm

The mid-term election was full of hot topics including a ban on abortion, same sex marriages, and legalizing marijuana. Americans have spoken and their views on these hot issue topics were tallied throughout Tuesday night.
Voters in South Dakota disapproved of a ban on abortion, one of hottest measures on the ballot this election. The measure would have banned all types of abortion, including those due to rape or incest, except when the mother’s life is in danger.

A huge loss for some conservatives, they were hoping to take the case back to the Supreme Court and readdress Roe v. Wade. The measure on the ballot was easily passed by legislative in South Dakota, however, voters rejected the ban by 56%, sending a clear message to the Conservative Party.

weed plants

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, believes this is a clear message to other lawmakers across America that the citizen’s decision on Roe v. Wade will not change.

Other hot issues on the ballot this election included a ban on same sex marriage. In seven of the eight states, the measure to ban same sex marriage passed. In Arizona they are still tallying the votes, but it appears the measure to ban same sex marriage will pass. Many conservatives used the issue of same sex marriage to have a bigger turn out for their party. Some believe this will effect the decision of the recent ruling in New Jersey on same sex marriages.

The issue to allow citizens to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana, bought in Government regulated pot shops was not passed in Nevada or Colorado. The measure had surprise supporters, including a reverend from a local church in Nevada, however, voters felt marijuana is a gateway drug and legalizing it would not help fight the war on drugs.

The decisions on such hot issues such as same sex marriages and legalizing marijuana could be issues considered in other states in the upcoming Presidential election in 2008.


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Reefer Mania! Denver’s Gone to Pot – an Opera About Marijuana

Denver marijuana legalization

Denver goes to pot in a new opera, arranged by David Nehls and choreographed by Margaret Skokan, playing from October 3rd to November 3rd at the Crossroads Theater. Still plenty of time to catch it if you missed opening night.

Denver residents know we have gone to pot with dispensaries on every corner, now potheads have another reason to hold their heads up high. A new opera is playing in Denver. Winner of the most unlikely opera title is, “Reefer Mania! Denver’s Gone To Pot.” Well, why not? After all, there are classic operas dealing with just about every controversial subject known to man.

Why not a made for potheads opera?

A man waves a Colorado flag with a marijuana leaf on it at Denver's annual 4/20 marijuana rally in front of the state capitol building
A man waves a Colorado flag with a marijuana leaf on it at Denver’s annual 4/20 marijuana rally in front of the state capitol building in downtown Denver April 20, 2015. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Location, Location, Location

Denver certainly is an appropriate location for an opera about the life and times of Mary Jane. From Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” to it’s recent legalization of medical marijuana, Denver has a long history of loving the green stuff. It even grows wild here, although, as I’m told, the wild variety isn’t exactly primo. I wouldn’t know. The seventies were long ago and far away, and I’m more into being a Grandma these days.

What’s It About?

“Reefer Mania! Denver’s Gone to Pot,” celebrates 90 years of pot culture with song. It’s a vaudeville style show with pot songs dating back to the 1920’s. Even if you’re not too into it, this could be an interesting and unique night out. How many times have you said you need something new to do in Denver? Well, here is your chance to be in on a first. The first pot opera! At least, to my knowledge.

Age Limits

“Reefer Mania! Denver’s Gone to Pot” is not a PG-13 kind of show. Only those 16 and over may attend. Sort of like an R rating, minus a year. Some parents might not like the fact that their kids can attend an opera about pot. On the other hand, hopefully their parenting skills will prevail over one night of entertainment. Look at it this way, your kids want to see an opera. That can’t be all bad.

What the Heck?

For those of you who are sick of being inundated with dispensaries, this might be one to miss. For the rest, however, it could be something to talk about over the dinner table. After all, this is bound to be a unique experience. So, what’s the skinny on, “Reefer Mania! Denver’s Gone to Pot”? Where and when is it playing, how much per ticket, etc. etc.?

The Scoop

“Reefer Mania! Denver’s Gone to Pot”, plays at the Crossroads Theater, Okt 3 – Nov 3 2017. Show times are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 pm. To make reservations call 303-295-1833. Go to this website for more details about this first ever pot opera! The cost is a mere $18.00 per ticket, a small price to pay for a very different sort of entertainment!

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The hero of all drugs is marijuana, through which you can easily get fast relief

Everyone would know that the marijuana is a drug that must be avoided in order to protect your health. It is also used as the herb that contains the cannabinoids. It is used for the medicinal uses for curing some disease. The marijuana can be used in two different types.

  • They could be directly used inside your mouth in the form of tablet or by keeping below your mouth.

  • It can also be used in the form of the pipe by using that you can smoke.

Many may have the doubt why marijuana should be legal? It is because too much of anything is fit for nothing. When there is a limit in everything then sure there won’t be any problem but in case if it is not legal then all would try to use it. Then there is more possibility for them to cross their limit that would cause a severe damage to the inside tissues.

The positive boosters that why should it be legally sold

The marijuana is a drug but it is the one that contain the low level of the side effects when compared to the others. It is widely used in many places for the different type of the treatment.

  • It gives a fast relief from the severe pain that human cannot able to bare.

  • It is also used for treating up with the different set of the other problems like the nausea and the other spasticity.

  • When it is legal then you can stop selling them to the kids so the kids would stop using them.

This all says that why marijuana should be legal through this you can able to easily raise fund for even the government by collecting the taxes for marijuana.

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